About us

Makeloo Studio transforms workspaces into inspiring places through unique, eco-friendly textile creations while supporting communities and local producers. We offer team-building workshops, custom textile art, hand-dyed yarns, and textile consulting supported by our eco-friendliness, Innovation, Regionalism, heritage, and biodiversity values.

Who We Are?

Makeloo Studio is a Quebec-based textile workshop that celebrates local fibres and wool. We create unique yarns by hand-dyeing skeins of fine, long, primitive, or down wool. Our creations are inspired by our daily lives and artistic approach. We use historical techniques while respecting the environment and promoting innovation and sustainability. Engaged in the circular economy, we collaborate with local producers to valorize Quebec wool. Vision: Promote eco-friendly textile art and innovation by valuing local fibres. Mission: Transform workspaces into inspiring places through unique textile creations, supporting communities and local producers. Marcelo Martins, founder of Makeloo Studio, brings over 20 years of experience in education and textile art. Being immunosuppressed, he prioritizes natural dyeing methods that minimize environmental and health risks. Our core values include eco-friendliness, innovation, regionalism, history, and biodiversity. Patrice Blanchet has also been a 3D professional animator, weaver and circular heritage machine knitter for over 20 years. Marcelo and Patrice are actively involved with organizations such as the Council for Living Heritage, Culture Lanaudière, and the Quebec Council of Crafts. Marcelo is a founding member of the Rond-Point Group of Artists and the Berthier-ville Heritage Corporation. Marcelo won the Grand Prix Desjardins de la Culture in the Crafts category and was a finalist in the Heritage category in 2023. He is featured in a podcast that is available here. Marcelo Martins has a strong background in textile art and has dedicated his career to teaching and promoting artisanal techniques. He offers private training and artistic mediation to share his expertise and inspire others through events and exhibitions. Training and Workshops: Team building and well-being through textile art. Conferences and Exhibitions: The impact of textile art on well-being. Custom Textile Art: Personalized creations for residential and commercial spaces. Textile Products: Hand-dyed yarns for knitting, weaving, felting, and traditional spinning. Textile Consulting: Improving wool production in sheep farming. Discover Makeloo Studio and join our mission to promote eco-friendly and innovative textile art.

Marcelo's Bio

Marcelo Martins' journey with fibres began in childhood, learning knitting and crochet from his great-grandmother - "Vo Pina." His passion for spinning ignited in 2015, and he was mentored by Pierre Charette - Piérot. An accident in 2017 led to CRPS world, but handspinning, as prescribed by his occupational therapist, aided in maintaining his mobility. In 2018, Marcelo launched the web series "Parlons de fibres et de filage," filling a gap in French-language content on wool processing and later expanding to an international audience. By 2021, he joined Vogue Knitting Live, teaching spinning to the English-speaking community. Marcelo is a committed social entrepreneur. In 2018, he founded the Centre des Arts Textiles des îles to address social isolation through textile arts. Active in cultural organizations, he is a member of the Quebec Living Heritage Council, Culture Lanaudière, and the Quebec Crafts Council, among others. In 2022, with Patrice Blanchet, Marcelo launched the "De par chez-nous" local wool brand, emphasizing Quebec wool and multidisciplinary arts. Key Points Childhood: Learned knitting and crochet from his great-grandmother. 2015: Began spinning, mentored by Pierre Charrete. 2017: Spinning helped me recover from chronic pain. 2018: Launched "Parlons de fibres et de filage" web series. 2021: Joined Vogue Knitting Live. 2018: Founded the Centre des Arts Textiles des îles. Active Memberships: Quebec Living Heritage Council, Culture Lanaudière, Quebec Craftmanship Council, and more. 2022: Launched "De par chez-nous" wool brand with Patrice Blanchet.

Art, Sustainability, and Promotion of Quebec Wool

Makeloo Studio embodies a unique fusion of art, sustainability, and the promotion of local Quebec wool. We are committed to using local fibres and wool to create yarns and textiles that celebrate not only the natural beauty of wool but also its history and artistic potential. Our Artistic and Eco-Responsible Mission At Makeloo, contemporary art is a powerful lever to promote Quebec wool. Each yarn and each piece we create is a work of art crafted by our artists with passion and creativity. We believe that art can beautify our lives and raise public awareness of the importance of preserving our local textile heritage. Reducing Our Ecological Footprint We are determined to reduce our ecological footprint at every stage of our process. Marcelo Martins, founder of Makeloo Studio, has established a local spinning workshop in Quebec to minimize transportation and promote a circular economy. This approach supports our eco-responsible values, strengthens our ties with local communities, and reduces our overall environmental impact. Valuing Quebec Wool We work closely with local sheep and other fibres producers throughout Quebec, highlighting the diversity of breeds and fibres available in our region. By promoting an artisanal approach and using natural citric acid-based dyes, we preserve the quality and integrity of the fibres while respecting our commitment to health and the environment. Impact and Values The impact of Makeloo Studio goes beyond the mere production of yarns and textiles. We are proud to contribute to promoting a sustainable and ethical textile industry where art and tradition combine to create unique and precious products. Our commitment to transparency, quality, and innovation guides our actions, reinforcing our position as leaders in the local wool industry in Quebec. Conferences and Awareness Marcelo is also a passionate speaker, regularly sharing his expertise at conferences and international events such as Vogue Knitting Live. His talks aim to inspire and educate on the benefits of local wool and the circular economy. His inclusive vision and deep knowledge enrich our mission to promote a more sustainable and environmentally friendly textile industry. Discover Our Collection Explore our collection of yarns and pieces on makeloo.com and discover how we use art and creativity to shape a future where Quebec wool is celebrated and respected. Together, we shape a world where craftsmanship, sustainability, and art come together to inspire and delight.

Patrice Blanchet's Bio

Fashion designer & founder
Patrice Blanchet began his artistic journey by completing a Vocational Diploma in Fine Arts at Cégep de Sainte-Thérèse. He furthered his studies in 2D animation at Concordia University, earning a bachelor's degree. Throughout his career, he has worked in animation and 3D cinematics for more than 15 years. Patrice became interested in ancient circular knitting machines over 25 years ago, inspired by the creations of "Les bas de Julie". This specific area piqued his curiosity, particularly regarding the knitting machines used by this artisan. The influence of his mother and aunts has been pivotal in his path in textile arts. Coming from a family rooted in an agricultural and rural region, Patrice Blanchet carries with him several traditions and a deep love for local heritage. His connection to roots and traditional craftsmanship has fueled his dedication to the textile art field. In 2022, alongside Marcelo Martins, Patrice co-founded the "De par chez-nous" wool brand, emphasizing Quebec wool and multidisciplinary arts. This initiative reflects his desire to promote and celebrate his region's cultural and artisanal richness. You can visit the Les Bas de Julie website to learn more about his inspiration for knitting.